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Study: Nearly too late to cap warming - It may be too late to cap global warming at 3.6 degrees, scientists allied with an Australian research group say, as heat-trapping emissions hit a record high.

Frequently cited as evidence of manmade CO2 being the PRIMARY cause of global climate change are the two subjects in the title.  Yet, when one goes to the NOAA site that lists the record high temperatures in each state, quite a number of the highest temperatures ever recorded in each state occured well before the "record-breaking" 2011.  In fact many of the highest recorded temperatures occured in the 1910's and 30's.  As for Hurricane Sandy, when it hit shore it was not technically a hurricane anymore.  In the 1954-55 time frame 5 major hurricanes hit the East Coast of the United States--just not New York's metropolitan area where so many news organizations are located.  The population in the United States is increasing along the coastal areas at 4 times the rate it is increasing inland, which puts more people and structures in harm's way.

I agree the climate is changing, but then it has changed ever since the Earth formed and long before man existed let alone started burning fossil fuels.  I agree that manmade CO2 impacts the climate--I just question the panicked calls for immediate cessation of fossil fuel consumption at all costs.  Use measured approaches and work with what we know instead of funneling taxpayer funds into the corporate coffers of GE, BP, Google and the like with production tax credits and cash grants then hollering about the need to tax the rich more because they are not paying their fair share.  What a freaking joke!  Let's tax the privately wealthy more so we can give it to the wealthy corporate interests/investors.

Let's say one owns a small business with say 25 employees.  What is the likelihood the small business has revenues in excess of $1,000,000.  One has to have revenues over $1,000,000 to support a business employing 25 people just to make payrolls, payroll taxes, insurance costs, advertising etc.  So we want to burden these small businesses with more taxes so that GE can avoid paying any and so that Google can continue to enjoy profit margins of 25%+?

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