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Concentration of a conditional charge in the sphere occurs at the expense of shift of a pose of the maintenance of volume.  It is a case when there is known density of a being (a double molecule).  It is possible to assume that these conditions are characterized by harmonious balance of conditions of the maintenance of abstract global volume.  Therefore, definition of phases makes a certain picture of our idea of environment.

The structure of concentration of a charge represents a virtual figure in space – a numerical order of shift relatively total amount. Coordinates of a figure define a static cycle of numerical scales of concrete shift - number of degree of freedom. In this case, process of concentration of a charge carries out dynamic function of reflection of the displaced part of harmonious volume in the form of concept of energy. Really, the period of communication passes without time change – an energy indicator. Reaction of a charge is possible only in the presence of structure of other charge in a total amount. It is confirmed by data of functional division in the course of shift of initial volume by numbers of two protons. In the conditions of the relations between the structural periods of charges there is a concept of certain time. (These conditions are characterized by variable functions of numbers of a proton and a neutron relatively each other.)

Thus, formation of a charge gets mass number and density at the expense of formation of the environment of an exchange. The period of formation of structure concentrates charge number, increasing density at the expense of reduction or increase in mass number. The concept – concentration of a charge belongs to process of reorientation of a numerical field when function of a neutron forms equal balance of numerical signs of reorientation conditions in value of scale of orientation. In this case, function of a proton defines the multiple numerical characteristic of balance of shift of opposite signs.  


Definition of numerical structure of a kernel and distribution of numerical scales in nuclear structure, opens the mechanism of the content of alternative concept of density in the conditions of a volume formula concerning a charge.

From the point of view of alternative science, density of mathematical structure of a kernel isn't considered in expression of classical physics concerning the weight and volume. In this case density of structure of a kernel is provided as forming charge functions.

For this purpose, the number of a charge comprises a certain number of signs of the various numerical spheres which are a part of this number. It is the mechanism dividing various structures of the general density of a being.

Let's say transition between various symbols in sequence of formation of a matter forms a logical order of transformation of several phase conditions. These conditions are characteristic for formation of objects in space when the same symbol is presented in different phases of atmospheric and geological structure. In a sense we can operate with water phases. For general idea of a condition of a numerical microstructure of density it is necessary to use a perfect condition of stable numerical nuclear symbols. In offered version of the author's table of chemical symbols, the genetic sequence of transition from a symbol to a symbol, establishes consecutive change of density of numerical structure.

Formation of sequence of known density of chemical elements of geological formations happens in the conditions of the atmospheric environment of our planet. These processes of geothermal conditions are characteristic in a spherical combination of density of initial volume. If the kernel is formed on border of spectral decomposition between counter power levels of large-scale reorientation of spheres of volume, vector addition of spheres defines future symbol of a kernel of a spectral projection. These conditions of a charge define sequence of result of generation of an impulse. For this concept, concept temperature, excludes chaotic definition. Stabilization of temperature and density happens in the established terms of the exchange between spherical kernels of total amount.

Distribution of density of stable chemical elements in Mendeleyev's table leaves "white spots" in sequence of their formation. Difference of density divides phases of a condition of elements. The sequence of a method of determination of density concerning a charge shows a logical chain of change of density of chemical elements in one general phase of numerical nuclear structure.


[H→ H2 →H3→ He3→ C9→ B8→ O13→ C10→ Mg20→ N12→ Ne17→ O14→ Be7→…]


This method allows to define a condition of nuclear density in relation to the molecular density of any chemical element.


For example, density of Lithium, Beryllium, Boron and Carbon will make: pLi = 0,5394; pBe = 0,7192; pB = 0,899; pC = 1,0788


It follows from action: Z(2pH), where pH – density of Hydrogen, Z –  number charge.


In this case there are supersymmetry conditions in the form of Helium density:  2pH → pHe (0,1798)


These processes, from the point of view of energy, are cyclic.


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