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Every now and then something is written on the internet.  Sometime later the author comes back and reads it.  The question is then asked “Did I write that?”  The relevance at the time of writing was small and weak, but after aging a bit, the relevance increases dramatically.  This is the beauty of writing commentary on the internet.  Comments, statements, opinions are saved on the internet and allowed to age and mature.  I've done this a few times and can hardly believe what I wrote a little while ago.

Some guy named “SNOWBALL” wrote this blog over 8 years ago.  It probably went unnoticed at the time with few readers who yawned and said “whatever”.  Today this one little blog speaks volumes to me.  He deserves an honorable mention somewhere.   Maybe no one else sees the relevance of the blog listed below, but wow, he called it correctly. 

Who was Snowball? Not a clue.  The name is an obvious Orwellian reference to Animal Farm.  It’s probably a popular internet name.  That’s probably the beauty of the name.  It’s more untraceable. 

Why did he choose to make commentary out of this testimony before congress?  With hours of testimony before the Senate Energy Committee, Snowball chose to comment on one little softball question asked by Senator Pete Domenici.  It was a question the Senator asked out of left field.  The question had little to do with the subject of the 2003 Blackout, but was evident the Senator or someone wanted the statement made at a Senate Committee hearing.

If any professional reporter wrote about this testimony before the Senate committee, they surely wrote about the 2003 blackout.  This small question and comment went unnoticed by the pros, but not old Snowball.  He wrote his commentary on the internet.  8 years later in 2012, Snowball’s commentary looks like he had incredible insight into the world around him.

Who is Snowball?  Was he an expert on national energy policy?  Snowball is probably just a guy.  Maybe he is just the equivalent to a farmboy from Illinois.  He’s probably not a genius or expert on any matters, but for a brief moment in February of 2004 he was a bit of a visionary and saw the road this nation was headed impulsive reactions to the energy situation of the first days of the 21 century. 

Thank you Snowball.

Also, thank you Energy Central for allowing this farm boy from Illinois to post his commentary on one small part of today’s energy industry.  The people who post here are some very big names in the energy business.  The author of this posting is clearly not one of them, but sometimes a guy like Snowball can make comments on a small part of the big picture.  After a little aging the relevance becomes more and more obvious.

Thank you.


I look forward to Michael Skelly's presentation at Transforum East.


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