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Well I will start out with how many people know who created AC electricity and made it available to the USA? Hint: He also proposed free energy to the world but as he built the equipment to accomplish his demonstration his funding was canceled by one of the wealthiest men in the world at that time! Do you know his name?

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# Posted By Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio | 5/8/08 7:50 PM | Report This Comment as Foul/Inappropriate
member photo Thank you: Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio ! Not to many people I have come across in my "next of the woods" knows and for the most part even cares "Who Invented AC Electricity" but I wanted to be sure before I started posting any blogs here, that there was a basic intelligence at work here too. An ends to a means to propose and propagate solutions.
As for me Nikola Tesla stands foremost as one of the greatest minds and inventors of the 20th Century and most people don't understand the impact that the "Current Wars" had on the future of energy and why we are here today in this predicament with energy. Why we didn't is a longer debate but basically it was all about making money with little to any considerations for consequences to people or the planet. We are now at the point where fossil fuels are controlling our lives. Electricity is going up too as fuel prices rise; think about it, if we make nearly 60% of our energy from coal fired power plants and simultaneously the cost of diesel fuel is rising, which powers the trains that deliver that coal to the plants then I think you can see the death spiral we are in.
I'm not here at the moment to debate all the woes which seem to plague this planet, just four, and those are energy, potable water, waste management and food supplies. What these all have in common: We have to have at least 3 of these to even survive and the energy makes the work easier and there can be a sort of symbiosis between each component in the form of heat exchanging and other beneficial processes which we describe in our viable solution on our web site and we invite you to visit www.energyonehome.com and we can discuss the probabilities here.
The idea in our concept starts with a totally green renewable energy independent facility whose function is to pursue renewable answers and equipment development which will eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels. Through demonstration, monitoring equipment, education and training among the many possible projects which will take place at this facility.
The facility is easy to build the tasks ahead for the renewable industries are vast but needed!
James Warner
# Posted By James Warner | 5/9/08 12:00 AM | Report This Comment as Foul/Inappropriate
member photo Buchanan,
The inventor of the AC Electricity was Sir Isaac Newton. This is in view of the Alexander Pope's Words of Wisdom:
"Nature, and nature works lay hid in NIGHT
God said let there be NEWTON, and all was LIGHT".
# Posted By Abubakar Dangiwa | 5/22/08 5:36 PM | Report This Comment as Foul/Inappropriate
member photo I have to cast my vote on this question with Mr. Warner.
As the head of Gamma Star International (hereafter referred to as GSI), an R&D research team in place for almost thirty years, working solely on specific areas of Mr. Tesla vast works; and holder of the first US PATENT granted in 1992 for "over-unity" AC electric power generation, I am well versed on the works of Mr. Nicola Tesla. His works and researches are vast but very precise; and the fact that he is indeed the true "inventor" of AC power as used today by the world's electric power grids is substantiated by his works and researches. He discovered, invented, and patented several of the items and/or systems used throughout the world today including 1.) the AC motor; 2.) the AC generator; 3.) the AC elecgtric power generating system as used worldwide [contrary to such mis-informed sources such as Hollywood with it's motion picture about the life of Thomas Edison who actually championed DC power]; and 4.) "radio". About the last entry; in 1945, most of the Marconi patents for radio were thrown out by the US Supreme Court for plagerism on earlier works of Nicola Tesla. There unfortunately however, are inumerable numbers of techbooks at all levels of learning that don't teach this correct history.
Suffice to say that Tesla was correct in his attempts at developing the ability to generate "over-unity" AC voltage and AC current levels over those very small electric power inputs he used; and we at GSI have successfully duplicated and updated to 2008 specificaions those abilities. We have also been successful at developing a system that allows for retrofitting almost any internal combustion engine into a unit that creates it's m echanical output torque torque through the use of electric motors. We feel that this system can also be successfully applied to jet engines, especially those of the "hi-by pass design".
Scott McKie
# Posted By Scott McKie | 9/7/08 3:08 PM | Report This Comment as Foul/Inappropriate

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